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Considering the amount of social media apps, there is a strong need for them to be unique and have some original features in order to grab user’s attention and become popular. For instance, some apps have features that are revealed when you swipe in a specific manner, and certain functions are available through some actions which don’t seem obvious.

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The reason for all this is that the app developers try to make their product look simple but actually be highly functional. Snapchat must be the best example, because it has a lot of unannounced features which can only be noticed if you have been using the app for a long time or if someone told you about them. And I am not talking about tricks allowing to view old snapchats, there are various guides and software for that, like Snapchat Viewer. However, this can still be very interesting to you, because the company does not officially tell about these hidden options or explain them. In this article, you will learn about a couple of such secrets.


The main page of the Snapchat app allows adding friends and viewing the list of your friends and people who have you added as a friend. If you click the gear button, you will be able to change a profile picture and get access to some other settings. But all that is pretty obvious and can be figured out at the first glance.
Now, if you look a bit closer at the username, you will see a number. It is called the Snapchat score, and it’s not too difficult to figure out what it indicates. It is the number of all Snapchats you have ever sent or received. Once again, there is no official explanation to why we have this number, so we can only guess. Perhaps, the developers try to make the users view Snapchat as a game in which you tend to get the highest score among your friends. On the other hand, maybe they just want you to be more active on Snapchat, hoping that this number serves as an achievement and will actually grant you access to some new features in the future.


Another secret feature can be found on the feed page which shows people you have recently interacted with. Once you are there, look for the word Snapchat on the green field at the top of your screen and tap on it. This action will result in two numbers appearing, separated by a vertical bar. This is the amount of Snapchats you have sent and received. If you add them together, you will get that Snapchat score from the home page.


One more thing you may have noticed using Snapchat is emoticons next to usernames of some of your friends. These so called Friend Emojis show the level of your interaction with the users they appear next to. There are different emoticons, but the most obvious is the heart, indicating the person you Snapchat with the most. If you see a number and a flame emoticon next to a username, it means that you have been interacting with that person every day for that number of days. However, the window for communicating in order to keep this number going is not actually 24 hours, but 28 hours. If you fail to send or don’t receive anything from that user within that period, the number will be gone.


How to View Someones Snapchat History

As said before, there is no official comment from Snapchat regarding all these numbers and emoticons; they don’t reveal their purpose, and asking about it will be no more useful than asking them how to view old snapchats or how to view someone’s Snapchat history. The most logical suggestion is that the developers want to engage users into some kind of the game and make them want to use the app more often, hoping to find new hidden features and solve the puzzle of what they mean. It may also be a strategic attempt to draw attention to the app and make people share their discoveries and theories with others, popularizing Snapchat even more.

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