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Snapchat offers its users a new feature known as Memories. The name of this feature talks for itself. Now you can share your “memories” which are snaps and stories with your friends. Once you find Snapchat usernames of your friends, you can set a collection of your favorite moments below the Camera screen and share them when you want.It is very easy to find a required piece of memory, just as easy as to find Snapchat friends. Simply type the keyword of the memory, for example, “Christmas” or “Ocean” and you will get the required snap or story in a few seconds.


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Memories are also a comfortable tool when you want to create a new memory or unite a few memories in one story. This new opportunity allows you to make meetings with friends and relatives funnier since you can quickly find Snapchat memory where you have spent good time together. Snapchat offers a new solution for sharing. If you post a story and want to add a snap that you made a few days ago or even earlier, there will appear a frame which means that it is the snap from the past. There are also some new ways of sending Memories and Snaps to your friends, making your communication even more effortless.


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We are glad to inform you that now you can hide your memories so nobody but you can see them. Many users will find this feature very comfortable because everyone has such Memories which he or she can share only with some friends because they are very personal. So if you want to find girls on Snapchat or send your boyfriend a Memory which is meant only for him, you can be sure no one else sees it until you decide to share it.


Snapchat doesn’t back up any of your videos or photos from Camera Roll without your permission. You are to decide whether you want to post your new photo or not. Snapchat doesn’t have a function that works automatically and posts all photos that you have taken recently.


Snapchat team will select some random Memories to check how the new feature works. We are going to bring huge changes into our services and want to ensure that everything works well. If you find some errors or the new feature doesn’t work properly, please inform us. Your feedback is very important to us. You can also contact us for other reasons and ask for any help, even if you don’t know how to find people on Snapchat. Every matter you ask about is serious to us and is worth attention, so we’ll be glad to help you explore the app and enjoy the experience of using Snapchat.

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