5 Extra Options of Snapchat hacking you may not know

5 Extra Options of Snapchat hacking you may not know

It is very popular app with numerous opportunities like snap save and other useful features. So you should be aware of its common and hidden options. To identify special features of the SnapChat make sure that you turned on all the basic ones. Moreover, the additional snapchat hacks is available via special snap hack software.

1. Change the size of emojis.

Not everybody likes or need the emoji of the default size. It may look cool to have the bigger ones. After I save my snaps I click on T button. Now there is an offer to add the text, change its size and position.

2. Use extra colors.

Hardly every user of the app knows that there are more colors available for in-app usage. After creating snapchat pictures or videos you can edit it. To find hidden colors just scroll the palette to the left.

3. Location filter option

You might know how to use basic filters for your snapchat screenshot editing. You can choose one of them for your pic or video. But swiping to the right you will be able to add the location data to your image. User is enabled to save the selfie of other photo with the location information and free filter as well.

4. Repeated playing of the Snaps

In order to make sure your snap is fine you can replay it. But this feature is available for one user only once. You do not even need extra snapchat saver software. The last snap is possible to view again. To be able to use this feature you need to enable replay option in your account settings. In order to play the snap again you need to tap it and choose the replay option. But take into account the fact that person will be informed from which snapchat usernamesthe particular snap was replayed.

5. Extra Drawing Features

Want to impress your viewers with amazing drawings? Use iPad to create great images and snapchat picturesand to detail it. However the app is determined to be used on the smartphones, you can still download it on your tablet as well. To get more detailed drawing use stylus and you will definitely reach the desired result.

Bonus: Tip 6. Download and install hacking tool

In order to monitor other people in-app activity knowing only their snapchat names you may download spying software and hack snapchat. You can create a list of girls snapchat names you want to hack and enjoy the fun.

5 Extra Options of Snapchat hacking you may not know Update: August 11, 2017 Author: admin


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